Long distance isochrones



is it possible to create isochrones for travel times above 60 minutes? Would it be possible to find out, what destinations are reachable within, say, 6 hours, from a given location? I am using the web service, in case it is relevant.

Thank you


I just found this: https://openrouteservice.org/restrictions/
Maximum range time is 60 minutes.
No way to overcome this limitation, I assume?


Hi @ffichtner,

currently not but we are working on an improvement to allow up to 360 minutes - we might be able to release this within the next 2 months, so please stay a little tuned :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tim


Hey Tim,

thank you for the information. Sounds promising. I will definitely keep an eye on your project!



Hola, se encuentra disponible la mejora de la opción?


Hi @Ariel,

Please post in English so most people understand your post.

Sadly the implementation for long distance isochrones still needs major refactoring until it can be released and it keeps being pushed back because of higher priority issues.

We currently can’t say when it will be implemented.

Best regards