Isochrone time range

Hi, is there any way to set an isochrone time range higher than 60 min? I get ‘out of range’ warning when I try it.

Thanks a lot for your great work, I’m just starting with QGIS and OSMTools, I’m wondered.


We will raise the limit in a few months when we implemented a new algorithm. Not until then though.


Thanks! Congrats for your great service.


Same question - when will the 60’ limit be raised? Up to 120’ would be nice.

Thanks for the nice tool,


yeah i read about the positive news that the range will be extended somewhere in 2019.
What is the status about it? Is it possible in the near future to use isochrones for driving up to 2 hours?

Hi @deRightDirection

this is still in development, but (hopefully) available within some months.
See Long distance isochrones

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