Road Network restrictions Not Updated on ORS

I notice that some left turn restrictions are not taken into account on ORS


resulting on false route calculations

How often are those restrictions updated on ORS . How soon can we expect them ?

Hi @rodolfos,

please see Turn restrictions revisitied - #2 by adam
If you set any avoidable (e.g. avoid ferry) it will correctly respect the turn restriction.

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Thanks a lot amandus .
I tested that on directions service and it works .
i have also noticed that setting the parameter “optimized”= “false” also works .
I still cannot find out how to do the same thing on the optimization service

is either avoid ferries or optimized = false supported there ?

The optimization service uses the /v2/matrix endpoint, which still does not support additional options.
Once it does the optimization also needs a bit rework to actually make those options passable.

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Thanks a lot @amandus .

I see that there is development on that subject since last year .

I will be looking forward to updates on that feature.