Removing Blue Lines in QGIS

I used the ORS Tools plugin in QGIS to calculate a travel route and the blue lines between the points remain embedded in my map canvas. I have found no way to remove them. Please help, or my map might be ruined.

I am not seeing the same problem on my installation, so it would be very difficult for anyone to provide assistance without knowing a lot more information such as the QGIS version being used, the Plugin version being used, if you have replicated it in other QGIS projects etc.

Thanks for the reply @adam .
QGIS 3.12.2, ORS Tools 1.2.3. The same lines appeared in any other project at the same location when I used the same projection. Its a custom projection built with WKT. Anyways I did a reinstall of QGIS and now the lines have disappeared. So I’ll just be very careful using this plugin until a solution is found.