Only a white background or some pixels are not availible


i use the openroute service since some weeks. it´s a great tool to plan a trip or for dokumentation of a trip i think.

since round about a week i have a big problem with loading the “standard map” of openrouteservice.
some day´s before it is loading only a half maps (white or blurry pixels). today all of the map is only white.

i can load the map without any problems with other “views” -> for example (openstreetmap or opencyclemap). i tried it with some browsers.

is there a known issue with the original map-view of openrouteservice?
i love the “standard” map-view of openrouteservice and don’t want to use other views in future :frowning:

PS: Sorry for my English! (i hope you can understand my issue anyway)


Hi @Rene_Paterno,

this was due to the removal of the mapsurfer baselayer.
The problem should have been fixed by now.
It could be that your browser still had the mapsurfer basemap remembered.

You can either select a new basemap using the grafik selection. Or clear the browser cache and reload the site.

Sadly the mapsurfer layout will not be available anymore. There are plans for it to be commercialized, but i’m not sure when this will happen.



Best regards

That’s very sad news for me! :frowning:
In my opinion the mapsurfer map was the most beautiful map from all the maps i know. (include google maps)