Matrix API returning "Null" for multiple locations


I am having an issue with the Matrix API returning “Null” as the distances for a couple locations (long/lat) that I’m passing in.

Some example locations that are returning “Null”:
Big Bend National Park [-103.250452, 29.250201]
Biscayne National Park [-80.13989, 25.41206]

Even when I pass these locations into the API Playground for this service, the response is returning “Null” for the distances. The response itself is successfully, but the values in distances are “null”

I checked that these long/lat values were valid using the Geocode/Reverse and it had a successful response to the exact location.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional details!

I had a similar problem with lakes that I was passing in. Turns out that the maximum snapping radius on the online ORS API playground is hard coded for 300 m and cannot be changed. As a result, if it couldn’t find a road within 300 m of the long/lat, it would return a null.

I solved this, with lots of help from the ORS forum here, by setting up my own server and running the ORS software on my system, where I changed it from 300 m to 5,000 m.

Hope that helps.