Map update - closed road

Hi all,

in OSM, a Street is currently inaccessible due to an construction for about an year.

In the direction-map, the closed road in not “active” by now.


How often is the map updated?

Hi @Ralf

Update interval, see e.g.:

Regarding your request:
it would be good if you provide the OSM id of the closed road, or at least the street name.

Best regards

Hi @amandus,

the closed road is “Boakenstiege” (Way: ‪Boakenstiege‬ (‪97413031‬) | OpenStreetMap)



Hi again,

I see, it will take some time for it to be reflected in the backend.
It will take at least until next monday or the week after, depending if your change is included in the osm data we used for building our graphs.