Updated map data displayed, but navigation based on old data

Hello, after having done some modifications and additions in OpenStreetMap on a few trails and roads in my local area, I have noticed that the map displayed in the route planner is showing updated map data, but navigation is obviously based on old data. One can see it clearly when zooming in, since the route is not following the adjusted (and correctly displayed) trail, but the trail as it was before the map update. The planner will also happily route me along a road which I tagged with “no access” (after they blocked it off with a gate and a fence).

Is the route planner using a different map than the OSM map displayed? If so, how long does it take before it is updated from OSM? (I did the OSM updates about two weesk ago.)

Otherwise, it is a fantastic route planner - thanks for providing this excellent service! :slight_smile:

Hi @geir

the base map comes from OSM directly, so they update it normally pretty quickly. It normally takes 2-3 weeks before changes appear in our routing depending on when they were added and OSM release their full planet file. If you put the changes in 2 weeks ago, then we should see the changes in the routes on Monday 17th May (our servers reload the built data every monday morning)

Ok, I see - thanks very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Forgot to report back, but everything now works fine after the “full planet file” update! :slight_smile:

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