Integrating ORS API to flutter application

Anybody here who has tried integrating ORS api to flutter? I am using this package open_route_service, but I can only manage to get the route from Point A to Point B. But what if I also want to pass on the avoid_polygons? How can I do it? There are no sample codes for it. Just this one, and I am good to go, on how to use this API. This is my initial code that gets the routing data:

final List<ORSCoordinate> routeCoordinates =
        await openrouteservice.directionsMultiRouteCoordsPost(
      coordinates: [
            latitude: position.latitude, longitude: position.longitude),
          latitude: lat,
          longitude: lon,
      profileOverride: profileOverride,

This is for anybody who will ask, I am trying to make an evacuation app, that can avoid flooded areas.


not sure if this answers your question, but have a look at this topic.
It’s the only flutter-related thing that I can remember, but there might be more in the forum…

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The guy who posted that, is the creator of the package I was using. And I already contacted him for help. Thank you so much

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