I am developing an Open-Source Dart/Flutter SDK for openrouteservice

While trying to generate polylines for Flutter, I noticed there weren’t any Dart/Flutter packages for openrouteservice API. So I decided to develop my own community contribution package to encapsulate the various endpoints of the SDK.

As of now, I have only gotten the Directions, Elevation, and Isochrones APIs encapsulated with comprehensive tests, but I’d love it if anyone in the team with experience in Dart checked it out too! :slight_smile:

Github: GitHub - Dhi13man/open_route_service: An encapsulation made around openrouteservice API for Dart and Flutter projects. Made for easy generation of Routes and Directions on Maps, Isochrones, Time-Distance Matrix, Pelias Geocoding, POIs, Elevation and routing Optimizations using their amazing API.
Pub: open_route_service | Dart Package

This seemed like the most appropriate place to post this, but please let me know otherwise if it isn’t.

Hi @dhi13man,

thank you for the contribution! Looks very promising!

Not sure if one of us has some deeper experience with Dart, but i’ll ask around.

I’ve already added some general issues.

Best regards

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