Ferry - Mainland France to Corse (Corsica)

I’m using my own instance of ORS without issue. I am interested only in car routes and have no problem routing from mainland Italy to e.g. Sicily or Sardinia, or from mainland Spain to the Balearics. However I cannot route from mainland France to Corse (Corsica). I can route within mainland France, and I can route on the island e.g. Ajaccio to Bastia. But there are no routes given to/from the island and the mainland. I have been in contact with GeoFabrik and they suggested that a stretch of access road on Corse has “access=destination” which may cause an issue (i.e. routing stops).
Questions: Can anyone confirm that using the france-latest.osm.pbf with profile driving-car they can or cannot route from the mainland to the island, and if so, is there anything special about your instance configuration?

For reference:
Paris to Nice (OK)
Bastia to Ajaccio (OK)
Nice to Ajaccio (No Route)
Ajaccio to Nice (No Route)
/ors/v2/directions/driving-car?start=8.7334,41.9210& end=7.2630,43.7146

Example response: Ajaccio to Nice

    "error": {
        "code": 2009,
        "message": "Route could not be found - Unable to find a route between points 1 (8.7334000 41.9210000) and 2 (7.2630000 43.7146000)."
    "info": {
        "engine": {
            "build_date": "2023-06-13T12:36:00Z",
            "version": "7.1.0"
        "timestamp": 1700062242081


have a look at this way and this route - it works, but moving the point further up on the way finally leads to something like this, going via Sicily instead.

This is due to the barrier=lift_gate here.

This gate is considered “not passable” (it would need an access=yes-tag, or something similar).

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Thanks for investigating this - it’s really helpful! I guess there must be a barrier or something similar in Ajaccio - as there are no routes from there to mainland France.
How might this get resolved for the wider community? Can I make the change to the OSM and add the tag or is there a way to submit a request for change? - I haven’t made any OSM updates so unsure of the protocol.


the OSM Wiki has a beginner’s guide for contributing to the OSM.

For the case at hand, have a look at the best practices - the OSM is trying to represent what is actually present on the ground, not how it might behave in any tool using said data.

If you don’t have information on the behaviour of the barrier=lift_gate, don’t add anything :slight_smile:

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