Ferry Hanko-Rostock


I tried the following request, Hanko - Rostock:
client = openrouteservice.Client(key=ors_key)
coords = [[22.973871555170057, 59.82917237014954], [12.103831469404378,54.135415047047026] ]
geometry = client.directions(coords,
preference = ‘shortest’,
radiuses = [-1,-1])

strecke = convert.decode_polyline(geometry[‘routes’][0][‘geometry’])[‘coordinates’]
dmap = folium.Map(location=[55, 15], tiles=“OpenStreetMap”, zoom_start=7)
folium.PolyLine(reverse_lon_lat(strecke), opacity=0.4, weight=4).add_to(dmap)

The result is that I don’t get the ferry Hanko-Rostock for the route, also with other parameters, car or fastest.
It seems to me that routing should be done via the the ferry line.
The ferry line is here:

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The ferry is tagged vehicle=no on OSM and, therefore, not available for driving-hgv.

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But the ferry is also tagged hgv = true and trailer = true!
So we have vehicle = no and hgv= true on this way. Can this be coherent ?

We are analyzing freight traffic, and there is some freight going over this ferry in “reality”. How can I route freight in trailers/hgv over this ferry?
According to the wiki, hgv = yes (it’s true here) means: “Roads and other objects accessible to trucks”


you are right. I have overlooked the other tags. This might be a bug in the tag handling. I’ve opened an issue here: Ferry routing tag handling · Issue #1616 · GIScience/openrouteservice · GitHub

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Thank you!

This does not make sense at all. The vehicle=no tag implicitly forbids all vehicles:

Legal access restriction for all types of land-based vehicles not operated upon rails.

which overrules hgv=true. In order to solve this, I don’t think it’s a bug as @sascha filed, but the tag vehicle=no should be removed or changed into yes.

Actually, more specific OSM access tags such as hgv override the more generic ones, in this case vehicle.

I think the issue here might not be the tagging of the highways, but rather the barriers, e.g. Node: 9451269151 | OpenStreetMap. Please note that the route is found once the starting point is set past the lift gate.

Compare Ferry - Mainland France to Corse (Corsica) which had a similar issue.

It is certainly related to this barrier. On the OSM-website, none of the routing engines (Valhalla, GraphHopper, OSRM) is able to pass this gate. I guess it is related to the tag “access=permit”. According to Tag:access=permit - OpenStreetMap Wiki the intended usage described on is that the routing should pass through the gate, however, the actual usage is often equivalent to “access=private”. An easy fix is proposed in the corresponding github isse.