Code 2010: Could not find point 0: -70.7386400 -29.2564500 within a radius of 350.0 meters


I encounter an error trying to compute a route between

  • Observatorio Astronómico Cerro La Silla, Elqui, De Coquimbo, Chile
  • Cerro Paranal, Antofagasta, De Antofagasta, Chile

Here is the error I get :
Code 2010: Could not find point 0: -70.7386400 -29.2564500 within a radius of 350.0 meters.; Could not find point 1: -70.4045590 -24.6279520 within a radius of 350.0 meters.

Check this URL :

A and B points are well located, and there are roads that lead to them.

What is happening ?

Hi @florence.henry,

the roads leading to those locations are tagged with access:private. Ors won’t include these roads in the graph used for route computation.



you could use this workaround Add possibility to turn acccess restrictions off when calculating a route

although travel time won’t be correct.

There is currently no way to route on private roads with ors.

best regards


Thanks for the explanation.

However, the proposed solution does not solve my problem. On my website, my colleagues enter the start and the end of their trip (using geonames). I cannot ask them to enter the latest point in the road which is public (and this point has no chance to be referenced by geonames).

Like the person asked in the post, a flag indicating that I’m allowed to use private roads would do the trick.

I’m only interested in the distance by route between the 2 points. Not the travelling time.

Is there any way to get the road distance (even without the directions) ?

Well, the solution suggested in my post did not solve my issue either, it was only a very coarse alternative procedure.