Add possibility to turn acccess restrictions off when calculating a route

In my work, I spend most of my time in areas with restricted access, which means I most of the time can not use openrouteservice to calculate a route leading to these places. I can fully understand that openrouteservice will not calculate a route through a gate tagged “access = no” or similar, since it doesn’t know I have my keycard that will open that specific gate.

Please add an option, maybe under “additional settings”, that would ignore the limitations of access restrictions . Either fully, or in separate levels (ie “ignore access private”, “ignore access NO”, etc").

With the functionality of today, I have to make…

  • one route up to the gate, and then
  • a second route from inside the gate to the next gate
  • a third, fourth… and so on.

This works, since the actuall ROADS are not tagged access=*, only the gates. But it is very annoying to have to create multiple routes, when one route with multiple waypoints would be a much more convenient solution.

(By the way, I accidantly greated an github issue with the same topic first. Was that wrong? :roll_eyes:

Will “Add as direct point” from the context menu be OK? It will get you through the gates and give you one route, but is manual.

Do you mean… a via point to the gate (for automatic routing to the gate), a direct point on the other side of the gate (for “forced” routing through the gate), and then a via point to the next gate, and a direct point on the other side of the gate?

Yes, I guess that would work too. However, it does take away the purpose of route calculation :wink:

It would be more elegant to tell openrouteservice “hey openrouteservice, I have all the previliges I need to make routes here, regardless of access restrictions” :slight_smile:

Direct points through gates doesn’t work fully at present. It will take me through the gate, but then the route (car) will turn 180° back again, and take me outside the restricted area and not through the area. Even if I select “shortest route”. If I use the bicycle or pedestrian profile, it works though.