Barrier=gate prevents driving directions

It apears that ORS refuses to give driving directions on a road that has a gate on it (OSM tag barrier=gate), even if the gate has no access restrictions attached to it.

Here’s an example: directions from 45.32641,-121.66078 to 45.33181,-121.66399. This is the access road to a popular ski area. It has a gate which is almost never closed… but ORS refuses to route you past the gate if you’re driving a car. Walking and cycling directions work fine.

A lot of forest roads in this part of the world have open gates on them. They are included in OSM because they are landmarks, but they do not prevent access. I think ORS should ignore gates unless they have explicit restrictions.

Hi @adamschneider,

please see Add possibility to turn acccess restrictions off when calculating a route for a workaround.

That’s the intended way to deal with a barrier where the access rules are not defined.
If a barrier does not prevent access it can be stated with the access=yes tag.
For always open gates entrance can be considered as value as well (see wiki for barriers).

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Best regards