Add option to exclude steps in route segments

For some queries, e.g., when solving TSPs, we would like to include route segments with distance and duration information, but do not need the lengthy steps containing the actual instructions. Setting option instructions=false removes the route segments completely. It would be nice to have an option steps:boolean permitting to include or exclude the on steps as exists, e.g., in OSRM.

I might not entirely understand, but:

why include route segments in TSP? The route segments are already optimized, right;) And if you talk about via points (i.e. route stops), you might be better served using the Matrix API. Or you need anything specific from the response, that you wouldn’t find in Matrix responses?

I generally agree though, segments should still be there if desired and decoupled from instructions parameter.

We’ll discuss it and open an issue if we think it’s (fairly) easily doable.

The actual optimization is done with a matrix request, of course. The route segments (distances/durations and geometry) are required for displaying the optimized route.

Jup, misunderstood:)