Wrong time calculation


The time calculated for shortest road is somehow wrong. It should be around 5:30. When right, it’s also should become the shortest way.


Hi @Tr2,

the term shortest refers to the shortest distance. On this way are several tracks that are not assigned any max speed value in OSM and are therefore assumed a very low travel speed for cars.

If you are looking for the shortest time choose the fastest/recommended weighting instead.

I’m not sure what you mean with this?

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Fastest (is via Las Vegas) 700km 07:04 hours
Shortest is 515 km but 18 hours…
18 hours is wrong… If the time would be right it would also be the Fastest way. Google is doing this correct…

Drove it myself :slight_smile: It’s all highway between Panguitch->Tonopah


The Shortest way is not the same as the one from google you posted:

The reason why the fastest weighting isn’t considering the shorter (distance) route is propably missing speed information in osm. The default values that are given to the waytype might not represent the actual driving speed.

I think it is the Extraterrestrial Highway gone in flux :slight_smile:

Graphhopper is also correct but openstreetmap not…

Not sure how to proceed?

Just checked graphhopper, they have the same route as google but also a duration of 6:54.
If it does find the route in graphhopper it is indeed strange.
Maybe @HendrikLeuschner, @andrzej can help out here.
I will put up an issue in our backend repository.

@Tr2 If you only need the geometry of the route you could add a waypoint at the extraterrestial highway and choose fastest weighting as a workaround.
It will take some time to investigate this.

To sum up
correct route & time (5h 26):

graphhopper route (6h 54):

ors fastest weighting going via LA (7h 06):

ors shortest weighting (17h 59 due to using highway=track):

Well done a few USA roadtrips in the past so I was curious what the openrouteservice api would suggest… I switch from graphhopper where I also had a few problems, and openrouteservice seems to do beter, but this was my first test with a real road driven, so was a bit surprised about the result…

Thanks for your help en update’s

From doing some research looking into the different routes, this is because there is no speed information available in OSM on the roads in the area. That means that the extraterrestrial highway gets given a speed limit of 60km/h as it is tagged as a secondary road. Looking on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_in_the_United_States) the US is particularly complicated for speed limits as they vary depending on the state.

The Google route gives an average speed of around 100km/h, whereas the openrouteservie one is closer to 70km/h, which makes sense with the missing speed limit data. If the OSM data gets updated to include the speed limit, then ors will be able to use it

It’s 70Mh I think… It;s a long , lonely road…