Wrong caculation bus

Hi everyone,

Just checked the route from A to B (Berlin Munich) and for a car it gave me 6.5 hours for a car and 10.5 hours for a bus. It seems to me wrong.
Can it be that I should’ve given more details?

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Hi Barney,

thanks for your feedback! Could you please provide a reproducible example illustrating the described issue? When I query for a route between Berlin and Munich for car and bus the travel times are 5:15 and 10:36, respectively.


Dear Andzej,

thank you for the fast response.
I attach printscreens. Maybe it could help?


Thanks! Why do you think the travel time estimates provided by ORS are wrong, and what times would you expect? Cheers!

Because I used this platform:

that also has* LKW function and the result is maybe 1.5 hours longer for the same route…
Except that Flixbus manages to do it within 7-8 hours



*Bus and LKW take the same time

Thanks for your feedback! Agreed, this is indeed weird. Based on the distance and estimated travel time the mean speed for the example route is somewhere around 56 km/h. This is much lower than I would expect it to be considering that the vast majority of the route is covered by a motorway for which according to the docs the assumed travel speed is 80 km/h.

Would you mind opening an issue such that the openrouteservice team can look into it? Cheers!

Hey Andrzej,

sorry, only now it’s morning here. I’ll do it now. Thank you for your support.