Where to find /ors/v2/directions folder

Hi, I’m hoping to take a peak at the actual algorithms that ors uses for its services (directions, isochrones, etc). At first I thought the openrouteservice-py github would be the place, but then I realized that’s just a library for sending requests to the server. I can see a request goes to “/v2/directions/”, so I figured there must be a “/v2/directions/” folder in the openrouteservice git page, but it’s not there either.

So my question is, where are is the code for the actual routing algorithms? I looks like it’s in a folder called “/ors/v2/”, but I can’t figure out where the algorithm code is actually stored in the ors api.


Hi @Zappytoes,

These are the parts responsible for the API endpoints:

check the @RequestMappings swagger annotations as well as @GetMapping and @PostMapping to quickly identify the different endpoints.

The routing algorithms are in here:

as well as

If you want to trace back which files are actually used when, best setup a local ors instance and try to debug some requests.

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Thank you!

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