Wheelchair can't use cycleway with foot=designated

Hi! In this route there is a wheelchair-usable bicycle&footpath, but ORS not use this.
Would you use with wheelchair this type of road, please:


Thanks a lot, Gza

Hi @Gza_Rozsa,

That should not be the case according to our tag filtering as it should have been accepted with foot=designated.

Thanks for the report


according to tag filtering,
highway=cycleway → Conditional

bicycle = designated AND foot=designated → Reject

I don’t know if that makes sense, but honestly, given the OSM wiki, I’d already reject highway=cycleway

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Thanks a lot, but should we agree the nomination. This way signed with this table: " https://tablafelirat.hu/kepek/termekek/6183-3472-gyalog-es-kerekparut-kozos.jpg " (Hungary) what means this is a way for pedestrians AND cyclists.
This is the way: Way: 1233527664 | OpenStreetMap
It is the normal way for wheelchairs, because it is the normal (and only) way for pedestrians too, for prams too etc.
What should we do to allow your routing for wheelchair transport on the ways like this?
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in that case, this shouldn’t be a highway=cycleway.
According to the (admittedly german) OSM wiki on mapping cycling infrastructure, this seems to be the same situation as with Sign 240 in Germany (which looks similar, and also designates a way for pedestrians and cyclists).

The OSM Wiki on cycleways states that

The highway=cycleway tag indicates a separate way for the use of cyclists.

and that

Cycling infrastructure that is an inherent part of a road - particularly “cycle lanes” which are a part of the road - should usually not be tagged as a separate cycleway, but by adding the cycleway=* tag to an existing highway=* instead.

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In Hungary, pedestrians may even use separate (“cycle-only”) cycleways by law, on the condition they don’t hinder cycle traffic.

Pedestrian+cycle ways (as mentioned above) are mapped as highway=cycleway in Hungary, because they can be used by bicycles almost as if they were cycleways. Tagging them as footways would imply maxspeed=10 and/or dismount which is not the case.


I don’t know if that makes sense, but honestly, given the OSM wiki, I’d already reject highway=cycleway

It’s one of those things that differ by country. Judging by the default access restriction tables on OSM about half of the countries listed do allow pedestrian traffic on cycleways (some only if no other ped. infrastructure is present; and without disturbing cycle traffic, etc.); Hungary is one of them, as Yogurt4 has already mentioned.
Also, as far as I know, in most countries, wheelchair users can go (or rather: have legal access to) anywhere pedestrians do. Does ORS have a per-country ruleset? If not, it should considered.