What is the maximum number for random seed in round trip

For the round trip feature, what is the maximum number of randomly generated seeds are there? On https://maps.openrouteservice.org/ it states that the maximum is 90 for the random seed. However, when i was testing this feature in my program, i was able to set the seed to much higher numbers such as 100 or 1000.

Is 90 the cap for the generated seeds as afterwards the routes generated are the same?


you can input any integer as a random seed. Since this is used to set a direction the route is heading in and to generate some random points, resulting routes might or might not be the same with different seeds. Iā€™d assume that they should differ between different seeds, but when trying out thousands, you might run into the same route every now and then.

For the client, this is an arbitrary limit.

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