What is the maximum length of the provided points when using elevation/line route?

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I was using your services for a while now where I’m fetching z values for polylines. During my testing phase I noticed that with a larger dataset (polyline - that contained more than 2500 points) I’ve got bad request response.

Example of the request
{"format_in":"polyline","geometry":[[13.331302, 38.108433], [13.331273, 38.10849]].....}

Bad request response.
As you can see in the image below:

as well as initially sent object

Similar approach as above was used, but with a bit less points (around 100) and it generated response 200 response.

What should be the correct approach here, am I using the wrong geometry type for a larger dataset or I hit the limit with the requested points


there is a limit, documented with the API restrictions.
For elevation, it is a maximum of 2000 vertices.

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thank you for response.

Keep up the great work.

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