We cannot use location of our country to run on local sever

We install open route service on our sever and it working fine ( direction , matrix ) with location point according demo of open route service but in our location country(Thailand) it can’t work and we change obfuscate file to Thailand pbf already
Return code6010 (matrix) , 2010 (direction)


if your instance works around the area of Heidelberg, Germany and not on the pbf file you’d like it to, then this file isn’t being read or the graphs haven’t been rebuilt.

Delete the graphs-folder, rebuild and check the build log.
It should include a line similar to the following:

12 May 09:31:44 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] - ====> Initializing profiles from 'openrouteservice-api-tests/data/heidelberg.osm.gz' (1 threads) ...

This will tell you whether it is reading the correct file or not.
If not, adapt your config accordingly.

Best regards