Verifying successful graph preparation


I’m working on getting openrouteservice running for a production install. I don’t want to build the graph each time a container starts, so I’m setting up an option to build the graphs that builds and then copies the built graph to a location the API container can read from. I’ve set ors.engine.preparation_mode to true. Even if the build fails, the entrypoint/java always returns an exit code of 0 (with preparation_mode set to false this would return 1)

What is a good test for confirming that the graph was completely built? Is checking for the stamp.txt in the profiles a reasonable check?

(I’m running v8.0.0)

Hi @ddunlop,

you could check against the /ors/v2/health endpoint which should be ready once graphs are built. and not ready otherwise.

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I’m running the build phase in preparation mode, so the process ends when the graph is built. So I don’t have a chance to check the status endpoint.

Ah right.

Normally it should be a case that once the instance shuts down with exit code 0, that the graphs are built.

It seems, the code for the preparation_mode check, doesn’t care if the RoutingProfileManagerStatus has failed.

I’ve made a PR that fixes this:

once this is merged, you can use the main branch as base (if you use docker, you need to build a local image until the next release)

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This is great! Thanks!