Variation in duration

I have used V1 of the API for some years without problems.
Now its time to V2 and I decided to mount my own ORS via Docker.
It works (also) like a dream - but I get quite different results on my own instance than on the online-API.
I only use

  • Geometry=false
  • Preference=shortest

With my own
http://here is my server/ors/v2/directions/driving-car
i get a duration of 238.4 seconds
With the API
i get a duration of 271.1 seconds

Both routes are 2226.8 meters long.

I suspect it is some kind of ini-setting (app.config or routing profile) that makes the difference - but I dont know what to look for.

Furthermore I generally notice a rather large difference from V1 to my own OSR.
My own OSR gives much shorter duration with same input. (minus 30 minutes on a 100 km journey).

Can anyone point my in the right direction (no pun intended) on how to get my own OSR to behave like the API?

Best regards

Hi @OleGaarde

the main things that cause differences like that are either the settings you use in your app.config file, or the osm dataset that you use. If you post the part of your config file (in a code block) here then that would help in working out differences.

Hi @adam
Thx for the reply - and sorry for the late answer. Just returned from a holliday (and for once I didn’t bring my computer).
I will try to dig out the requested information from the app.config-file and a version of the dataset.