V8 ors config problem

I installed the latest version (8.0.0) on a new server. I’ve made the necessary adjustments and still;

“error”: {
“code”: 2099,
“message”: “Unable to get an appropriate route profile for RoutePreference = driving-car”

anyone give me a setting that works? (ors-config.yml)

I think the example config has some indentation issues if you uncomment the entire file.

As a starting point - here is what I am currently using, it only enables the matrix endpoint and only builds ch for the car profile

##### openrouteservice settings file #####
# This file contains parameters for openrouteservice.
# For a full list of possible parameters see https://giscience.github.io/openrouteservice/run-instance/configuration/

##### General server settings #####
  port: 8080
      enabled: false
    active: default
    path: /
    console: "%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %highlight{%-7p} %style{%50t}{Cyan} %style{[ %-40.40c{1.} ]}{Bright Cyan}   %m%n"
  # disable file logging, use the console logs for cloud watch
    name: null
    root: WARN
    org.heigit: INFO
##### openrouteservice specific settings #####
    allowed_origins: "*"
    allowed_headers: Content-Type, X-Requested-With, accept, Origin, Access-Control-Request-Method, Access-Control-Request-Headers, Authorization
    preflight_max_age: 600
  #  ##### ORS endpoints settings #####
      enabled: false
      enabled: true
      attribution: openrouteservice.org, OpenStreetMap contributors
      maximum_routes: 101
      maximum_routes_flexible: 25
      maximum_visited_nodes: 100000
      maximum_search_radius: 2000
      u_turn_costs: -1
      enabled: false
      enabled: false
  #  ##### ORS engine settings #####
    source_file: latest.osm.pbf
    init_threads: 2
    preparation_mode: false
    graphs_root_path: ./data/graphs
    graphs_data_access: RAM_STORE
      preprocessed: false
      data_access: MMAP
      cache_clear: false
      provider: multi
      cache_path: ./data/elevation_cache
        enabled: true
        profile: driving-car
        elevation: true
          turn_costs: true
          block_fords: false
          use_acceleration: true
          min_network_size: 200
              enabled: true
              threads: 2
              weightings: fastest
              enabled: false
              threads: 1
              weightings: fastest,shortest
              landmarks: 16
              enabled: false
              threads: 1
              weightings: fastest,shortest
              landmarks: 64
              lmsets: highways;allow_all
                active_landmarks: 6
                active_landmarks: 6

Yeah, there’s a weird problem. I just want to use directions and matrix but settings won’t let me do that.

Sorry, but it’s not clear to me how using the new v8 API. Acrtually I’m using API via Postman, and the call to Authenticate return the value 7.1.1:

What is the setting to use the new v8 API?

Can you share your current settings? I can’t get it to work.

I don’t have specific settings. Simply I execute the calls from Postman. The only setting is the following:

Perhaps must I change the baseUrl?

@agocurti Note that the public API does not yet run v8. We are in the process of switching to it, but it will take some more time to update the deployment scripts and to rebuild the graphs.

rlly im going mad :expressionless:

docker-compose.yml > docker-compose.yml - Online Notepad
tr-ors-config.yml > tr-ors-config.yml - Online Notepad

health >
status >

ors-docker/files/turkey-lastest.osm.pbf > https://i.ibb.co/Ltzqsg4/image.png

I cant activate Turkey on my server. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Sascha, I understood. I think this is a good answer.
I expected that the switch v7=>v8 should have passed through an url change, then I will wait for a deploy for the public API.
Is there some tutorial about how implement a local deploy for the v8 API?

Thanks for your work

@agocurti How to run your own ORS instance is documented here: Running your own openrouteservice instance | openrouteservice backend documentation

Best regrads

@dgokhan Downloading the elevation data and the speedup preparation can take quite some time. Is it possible that you share the ORS-logs?

Best regards

Ok, TKS for your answer


2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.Application ] - Starting Application v8.0.0 using Java 21.0.2 with PID 1 (/ors.jar started by root in /home/ors)
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.Application ] - The following 1 profile is active: “default”
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] -
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] - Configuration lookup started.
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] - Configuration file set by environment variable.
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] - Loaded file ‘/home/ors/config/tr-ors-config.yml’
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] - Configuration lookup finished.
2024-04-03 13:04:41 INFO [o.h.o.a.ORSEnvironmentPostProcessor ] -
2024-04-03 13:04:47 INFO [o.h.o.a.s.l.ORSInitContextListener ] - Initializing ORS…
2024-04-03 13:04:47 INFO [o.h.o.r.RoutingProfileManager ] - Total - 1024 MB, Free - 961.04 MB, Max: 2 GB, Used - 62.96 MB
2024-04-03 13:04:47 INFO [o.h.o.r.RoutingProfileManager ] - ====> Initializing profiles from ‘/home/ors/files/turkey-latest.osm.pbf’ (1 threads) …
2024-04-03 13:04:47 INFO [o.h.o.r.RoutingProfileManager ] - 1 profile configurations submitted as tasks.
2024-04-03 13:04:47 INFO [o.h.o.r.RoutingProfile ] - [1] Profiles: ‘driving-car’, location: ‘/home/ors/./graphs/car’.
2024-04-03 13:04:48 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.c.CoreLMPreparationHandler ] - Loaded landmark splitting collection from
2024-04-03 13:04:48 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.ORSGraphHopper ] - version v4.9.1|2024-01-17T09:08:46Z (7,20,5,4,5,7)
2024-04-03 13:04:48 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.ORSGraphHopper ] - graph CH|car_ors|RAM_STORE|3D|turn_cost|, details:edges:0(0MB), nodes:0(0MB), name:(0MB), geo:0(0MB), bounds:1.7976931348623157E308,-1.7976931348623157E308,1.7976>
2024-04-03 13:04:49 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.ORSGraphHopper ] - No custom areas are used, custom_areas.directory not given
2024-04-03 13:04:49 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.ORSGraphHopper ] - start creating graph from /home/ors/files/turkey-latest.osm.pbf
2024-04-03 13:04:49 INFO [o.h.o.r.g.e.ORSGraphHopper ] - using CH|car_ors|RAM_STORE|3D|turn_cost|, memory:totalMB:1024, usedMB:265
2024-04-03 13:04:52 INFO [o.h.o.a.Application ] - Started Application in 12.769 seconds (process running for 15.851)
2024-04-03 13:04:52 INFO [o.h.o.a.Application ] - openrouteservice {“build_date”:“2024-03-21T14:04:52Z”,“version”:“8.0.0”}

ors-app logs expcetion;

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That’s an OutOfMemoryError…

Have you tried running it with more Memory?

See System Requirements | openrouteservice backend documentation

When using docker, you might also have to increase the resources you give to docker (docker settings).

Best regards