Using POIS with LineString


I´ve tried POIS with LineString instead of Point and got an error message about distance (meters) of LineString is greater than allowed.
How long can be the LineString supplied?
The LIneString will be based on geometry returned from Directions service.

I´m working on findind gas stations along a route (mainly roads, not streets) and guessing which ones are near and located at right side (no need for “U” turns on roads).

Thank you!

Seems to be 500 km for LineString currently. Can you confirm that your polyline is longer?

If not, please share the request URL.

Here are our restrictions:

It was pretty longer than that, Nils.
There are transportation routes like, São Paulo-SP to Recife-PE reaches 2.600 km
My mistake not consulting whole API restrictions ;-(

I´ll try limiting LineString based on gas tank autonomy and max time driving allowed.
This should restrict LineString to be near 500 km or 5:30 hours, whatever happens first.

Thanks a lot!

You can always host openpoiservice yourself:

If you’re just working in smallish region and you’re only interested in very few POIs, there’s very good chances you can run it on your local machine. If you’re familiar with Docker, that’s a 20 mins job. Then a few hours of import of course…