Using openrouteservice in FME

Hey guys,
I would like to calculate multiple routes from m:n points using openrouteservice.

Is it possible to include openrouteservice into FME Workflows?

This is my setting - i want to calculate a route for each green line. (Ignore the blue street network)

For those who don’t know FME:

PS: I’m a complete newbie to ors :smiley:

Hi @momo,

if you want create the route geometries you can use the directions endpoint. Our free key offers up to 2000 requests per day.

If you only need the time or distance between the points you would rather want to use the matrix endpoint.

Regarding FME Workflows you need to find out on your own. If you can send requests to APIs from ther it should be possible.

Best regards

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Thank you for your answer! The API Playground is a great tool (…when I figured out how to use it properly :smiley: )

In FME I accessed the API via HTTPCaller and read the attributes using AttributeExposer (might be helpful for other people). Worked fine for me :+1:

Best regards