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Hello, I’m a college student and currently doing my first data science project using ors API. I am really really new to this. I was trying to get distance matrix of locations in Australia therefore attempted to change open street map file to my region. However I have no clue how this could be done, I found a lot of solutions using docker, but I am using jupyter notebook on linux system (and I dont even know what docker is). I have downloaded australia-oceania-latest.osm.pbf by the way, just have no idea how to install it (or something else) to make it available for my use of API
Thank you for any help.


if you’re using the public API via jupyter notebooks and openrouteservice-py, Australia is available there.

If not, how are you setting up your local instance? In this setup process, you can replace the default heidelberg file by your osm file. Note, that building a 1GB file will take probably a lot of time - there might be more specific pbfs for your region available.

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Thank you so much for answering
But I am still unsure about how openrouteservice-py works, what i did is import the package and set client key, then I attempt to get distance matrix but the error message said point out of bounds. Is there any setting methods or file I can access to get to Australia?


you can find examples for openrouteservice-py here.

Note, that ORS uses [lon, lat] coordinate format, so maybe that is the problem. As Australia is a huge country with few roads in some places, it might very well be the case that a point you entered is too far (i.e. more than 350m) from the next road.

For debugging your specific problem, it’d be helpful if you coud post a minimal failing example of what you’re trying to do.

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OMG you are right it was coordinate format problem. I never that this could be reason for that error message. Sorry to post this dumb question here and thank you again for help!

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