Use of customized vehicle profile

Hello I hope you can help again.
Because I need to make matrix-calculations it would be great if I can include my vehicle restrictions.
I know including restrictions in matrix is currently under development, but since I’d like to have my application running as soon as possible I am asking for another way.
Can I set default values for height/weigth ect. for my custom-tailored profile.
And if so, where can I do that?
I found VehicleDimensionRestrictions but I am not sure if this is what I need.
Also vehicleAttrs is used in HeavyVehicleEdgeFilter.
But changing values and hardcoding here is not the solution. Because of that I think I am deadly wrong and hope for some help.
So the question is where can I set my hgv-vehicle to 4m height
so that the height is taken into account during matrix-calculations.

Thanks in advance


you would need to filter out all restrictions in the first step, which means while building the graphs from the OSM file, so you need to change things around in the OSMReader.