Use a download map on a local server

so I just downloaded a map onto my local machine (Windows); it’s a .pbf file. I’ve modified the path of the source file in application.yml and ors-config.yml to reflect my new map. However, when I close and relaunch the server, it can’t locate the following coordinates: -52.6478080,5.1649954.

These coordinates work fine on the public API, so I don’t understand why I’m getting a 404 error, and sometimes a 400 error. I tried some coordinates in Germany, and they worked, so I think it’s just not updated. However, I’m not sure which file I’m supposed to modify now.

Hi @Aless ,

you should not change the settings in application.yml because this file only contains the default values of ORS. The file ors-config.yml is the one to be changed. The first step to resolve this issue would be to look up in the logs which config file was actually read.

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