Usage of markers with isochrone maps

Hi there,
first of all - this isochrone map feature is awesome.
It’s great that I can simply share is as a link, too.

I’d like to add plain markers to the map -not for the public but for myself (Is there a tutorial or help?)
Can I do this right on the site and share them, or do I have to export the map to another editor?
Which one would be recommendable for a beginner and this task?,11.488134&b=0&i=0&j1=5&j2=1&j3=1&k1=en-US&k2=km

Kind regards
Peter J

Hi @Basil_Bimblebaum,

Actually there is already a (really) basic feature for this implemented if you make a rightclick on the map and choose Add custom marker to map.

If you are a Beginner it is not so easy to do this by adding code.
You can adjust the text if you inspect the marker element with your browser developer tools.
But there is no way to export them except for making a screenshot and save it as a picture

Best regards