URL Parameters for maps.openrouteservice.org

i would like to create a link to the maps Website where the user gets the route for more than 2 waypoints.

for example - this URL:

i want to use this website since here the user has the chance to change order of the waypoints according to his needs.

(i now i could use this instead: Dashboard | ORS - but here the user does not have the chance to change order of the waypoints)

My Questions is: what does all the URL parameters mean ? How do i know them ?
Of course the first part (Danziger%20Stra%C3%9Fe,Steinheim%20an%20der%20Murr,BW,Deutschland/Felsengartenkellerei,Hessigheim,BW,Deutschland/Ilsfeld,BW,Deutschland)
is clear. But what are all this numbers afterwards ?
Obvioulsly i have to send them to get a calculated route.
Can’t i call the website without the numbers somehow ?

Hi @voigtsoftware,
please see Route parameters with the new maps.openrouteservice?
Best regards

Thank you. I’ve already seen this thread.
But it uses the classic-map. How to migrate this to the new map ?

Plus: this URL-parameters look much simpler this is true - but anyway: is there a documentation to it ?

check out amons answer in that thread, it regards the new client.

There is no documentation, but the app is open source you can take a look at the code to see what the parameters do.
Basically it’s just using the settings you made for a route/isochrone and stores them in the URL.

If you disabled the compression (see mentioned answer) you can click the share button (or the url directly) and take a look at the parameters. (You can use e.g. https://www.url-encode-decode.com/ to decode the %20 stuff)