Update map once in 4 days


We want to use this setup in our project but wondering, how it will auto update the maps or how does the loading and saving of the maps work?

Any help will be appreciated.

Don’t understand the question…

We update the underlying OSM data every 2-3 weeks at the moment, but will soon offer weekly updates again.

Or what do you mean with ‘maps’? Please be clearer.

As Openroute service would be set up on our own GIS server , will it also get updated ? Or we need to manually update the same for specific location ( country)

Aha local installation… no. You have to update it yourself. OSM and software. It’s quick though, no worries

How can I auto update ?

Run a cron job on (ideally another) server pulling the fresh data and building the graphs, then push those graphs on your production server and restart ORS (which will be down for th time it takes to load the graphs to RAM). Ideally, you have 3 servers: 2 serving where one can get updated and the service won’t be down, and one for only building graphs.

We can’t give you our update script, it’d be meaningless for you… But I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Just takes a little bash scripting.

Or you’ll do it entirely manual on one single server, if it’s fine for you that the service is completely down while your building the graphs.


so there is no incremental update service, right?

— edit —

I’m trying to find some information, how to update ors service running in docker.

I have made changes to app.config file and run docker-compose up -d, but those changes didn’t affect my running server. How it should be done?

Could you clarify which graph files should be copied where, to update graphs “on other server”. This “where” is maybe more docker question. Where are those files stored in docker.

What is the best method to restart/reload service?

I do not use docker so I don’t have much experience. Where are server files that I could adjust? like amount of alocated memory?