Unusable due to "No more more vaccination/test centers in this area."

I am trying to create a hiking route. I can’t do this however.

ORS opens a popup “No more more vaccination/test centers in this area.” and then re-centers the map on the starting point. Aggressively, I might add.
If I keep my mouse button pressed while scrolling the map I can find the place I was at before. But then the popup reappears and re-centers on the start again.
It doesn’t matter what is active in the test/vaccination dialog. I can’t disable finding vaccination sites.
Openroute service is therefore unusable in its current form.

Hi @Rami_Lehti

are you using the main https://maps.openrouteservice.org site, or the https://vaccine.openrouteservice.org site?

I just created a hiking route on the main maps client and there was no popup, so it would help if you could post the URL that is present when the message pops up.

I clicked on the link from the https://openrouteservice.org home page.
Apparently I clicked on the wrong one, because when I go to https://maps.openrouteservice.org
I can create hiking routes fine.

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