Unlimited quota not working

I downloaded the sdk from github and installed on it my server but it’s still counting against my quota. Isn’t this supposed to be unlimited when you install on your own server? What am I doing wrong?


it’s a bit unclear what you did, so it’s a bit hard to help, but we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “downloaded the sdk”? Did you clone the openrouteservice repo? Or are you talking about one of the python/js/R sdks?
In case it’s the ors repo, how did you install it on your server? Are you running via docker or natively from source? Did you check whether it’s running correctly? Are you running it on the default port or did you change that?

Quota is going to be unlimited once you install the openrouteservice itself on your machine and run your ors queries against it.
What is the query you’re running? Is it using localhost or the original api.openrouteservice.org?

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Thanks for responding so quickly and thoroughly!

I downloaded the zip from github for the javascript (GitHub - GIScience/openrouteservice-js: The JavaScript API to consume openrouteservice(s) painlessly!). I’m pointing to the ors-js-client.js in the local directory structure and I use the api key I created on openrouteservice login. I haven’t changed the port though. Does that answer your question?

Hi @hadavand1979,

you installed the openrouteservice-js package, which is a javascript wrapper to use the openrouteservice API more easily in JS.
If you want unlimited requests you need to setup your own openrouteservice backend and make requests to that (e.g. localhost:8080/ors) instead of our live api (https://api.openrouteservice.org).

Note: if you build an Application, you would normally not download packages as a zip, but install them e.g. via npm

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Oh boy… I’m running on hostgator on a shared server with cpanel. My system uses apache and it’s coded in php. Do you know if this will be possible? Do you have any tips in this environment?

Do you have anything that runs in apache?

Do you mind responding to my last two questions?


no, we don’t mind, but while we try to get every question answered, we cannot always guarantee an instant response. You’re perfectly justified to remind the forum of the question once it has gone unanswered for some time, but one day is still a reasonable timeframe, at least from my point of view.

Apart from that, I’m still a bit confused by your setup, and what it has to do with the openrouteservice.
Neither the hosting platform nor the web administration tool are relevant for setting up openrouteservice.

The main question is, whether you have direct access to the system you want the openrouteservice to run on.
If you have, the setup instructions provided above should help you with everything you need.

While the openrouteservice uses Apache Tomcat as a webserver, I wouldn’t call that “running in apache” (which in itself is unclear to me, maybe you can specify a bit more what you mean.)

What do you mean by “your system is coded in php”? Are you using an OS that was built with php, or is your client application using php.
In the latter case, for querying ors from php, have a look at the example code in php on our API documentation.

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Ok thanks for the response. I have a way forward now.

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