Unknown place search error

Hello, I’ve been trying to edit a name of various cities in order to generate isochrones without success this morning. The API systematically billpoints the same message “unknown place search error”. I don’t understand since it worked a few days ago. Can you help me ?

Thanks for your feedback! Could you maybe provide a sample query/location which results in the described error? Cheers!

Same here: every attempt to let ORS search for a start or destination leads to the error " Unbekannter Fehler beim Suchen SCHLIESSEN" in a orange box top right. Also the function to set a start or destination point on the map with the right mouse key does not work for me since yesterday :frowning:

Hi, we have had a bit of an issue with the maps client the last couple of days and we are currently looking into a fix. For the time being though, you can use the classic maps client (https://classic-maps.openrouteservice.org) as that has not been affected.

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