Unable to get an appropriate route profile for RoutePreference = driving-car

Does anyone happen to know how I may fix this issue? I am still somewhat of a newbie to docker. I believe I set everything up correctly, but I am clearly missing something! This code is a result of running the GitHub local ORS instance sample code for python.

I have checked out a few other forum posts in regards to this issue, but I was still unable to figure out how to fix it.

openrouteservice.exceptions.ApiError: 500 ({‘error’: {‘code’: 2099, ‘message’: ‘Unable to get an appropriate route profile for RoutePreference = driving-car’}, ‘info’: {‘engine’: {‘version’: ‘6.7.0’, ‘build_date’: ‘2022-03-13T17:08:43Z’}, ‘timestamp’: 1647196749173}})

Hi @MattMDL,
can you check localhost:8080/ors/status to see if the profile is included in your local instance?

Also make sure to adjust the base url to where your local instance is running.
If you're hosting your own ORS instance, you can alter the base_url parameter to fit your own

Best regards

Apologies for not having too much knowledge in the docker/instance department. Still learning!

I get"{“engine”:{“version”:“6.7.0”,“build_date”:“2022-03-13T17:08:43Z”}}" when opening it in my browser.

And yes, the base URL in my code should be correct. My port is 8080.

Some other information that might be helpful - Running this set of code I get the error as described above.


However, then when running this set of code

I get a connection error “openrouteservice.exceptions.HTTPError: HTTP Error: 404” and a json decoder error “json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)”.

Looking through the logs - potentially this is the issue, I re-ran the install off of this tutorial.
I get the error - “No ors-config.json in ors-conf folder. Copy config from /ors-core/openrouteservice/src/main/resources/ors-config.json”

What would be the process to fix this/where to get the config from/put it?

Looking through more - potentially this is the main issue!
“2022-03-16 00:49:29,334 ERROR [routing.RoutingProfileManager] - java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Directory data/graphs/car does not exist and cannot be created to place lock file there: data/graphs/car/gh.lock
2022-03-16 00:49:29,334 ERROR [routing.RoutingProfileManager] - Failed to initialize RoutingProfileManager instance.”