U-Turns are not mentioned on the instructions steps

I’m using this service to provide directions. Many times, a u-turn is necessary in order to get where you’re going.

I can successfully get the route and the step-instructions, but for some reason, whenever there’s a u-turn, it’s not mentioned on the steps/instructions, even if the u-turn is properly drawn on the route:

These are the parameters I’m sending:
{“coordinates”:[[’ + start + ‘],[’ + end + ']],“roundabout_exits”:“true”}

and this is the URL:


For the image I’m attaching, these are the steps I’m getting:

-Head south on Avenida Líbano
-Continue straight onto Avenida Líbano
-Turn right onto Calle 1-H
-Enter the roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto Calle 19

If someone would read those instructions, would get lost. There should be a make a u-turn instruction after the 1st item. I’ve tried to get it on different locations with the same result. This is a simple two way street where you need to make a u-turn to get where the destination is.

Is there something wrong with my request parameters? or do I need to specify somehow that u-turns must be mentioned?

Any help will be really appreciated.
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it’s hard to see what’s happening in these cases without the request details.
Could you share your start- and end point?

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It happens anywhere where a U-Turn is involved. Here are the coordinates for start and end points:

Start: -89.60929870605467,21.00990529379409
End: -89.59750645974535,21.019615780254412

And the first 2 steps I get are:

(Type: 11) Head south on Avenida Líbano
(Type: 6) Continue straight onto Avenida Líbano

I’ve read somewhere here, that the Type: 9 indicates a u-turn, and that’s the missing step that should be between the 1st and the 2nd step (the one I pointed with a red arrow on the attached image)

Any help will be really appreciated

Hi, just in case you didn’t get my previous answer (I don’t remember if I tagged you)

here are some other coordinates that you can use to test what I’m saying.


You can paste them on the API Playground (Dashboard | ORS)

You’ll se that the route is drawn correctly, but the U-Turn won’t be mentioned on the instructions steps:

“type”:11,“instruction”:“Head southeast on Darby Road”
“type”:6,“instruction”:“Continue straight onto Darby Road”
“type”:10,“instruction”:“Arrive at Darby Road, on the right”

As you can see on this image, a U-Turn should be mentioned after the 1st instruction, otherwise, you’d get lost if you just follow these instructions.


Is there any workaround for this?

Hi @sergiomng,

there is currently no workaround as it’s a bug that needs fixing.
It should return type 9 with something like “Make U-Turn onto Darby Road”.
Would you mind opening an issue in our repo for this with description?

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Ah, don’t bother. There’s already an existing one:

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Thanks for your answer. Would it help if I open an issue anyway? The one that you mentioned was posted 4 years ago, so it seems that they might need a little reminder :wink:

Please refrain from opening another issue. Instead, you could consider adding a comment with your example and description to the existing issue. Cheers!

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I’ve already got something working locally, if you want to test it out in a local installation:
in RouteResultBuilder.java:
add in getInstructionType

            case Instruction.U_TURN_LEFT, Instruction.U_TURN_RIGHT: 
                return InstructionType.UTURN;

& add || instrType == InstructionType.UTURN to isTurnInstruction

and in InstructionTranslator.java add in getTurnManeuver:

            case UTURN:
                return: 7;

Then you will still end up with something like:
“Turn U-Turn on road-name”

So it needs some extra handling translations for u-turns still to get something like
“Make U-Turn on road-name”
But i’m currently stuck on other tasks

Best regards


Thanks for your answer. I didn’t had it running locally, and it took me some time to be able to make it work.

I don’t know if I’m using the same version of ORS than you (v8.0.0), but I just wanted to be sure that this value is correct:

            case UTURN:
                return: 7;

The reason I’m asking is because on InstructionType.java, UTURN has a comment indicating that it’s value should be 9:

public enum InstructionType {
//Keep in sync with documentation: instruction-types.md
UTURN, /9/
FINISH, /10/
DEPART, /11/
PT_ENTER, /14/
PT_EXIT, /16/

public boolean isSlightLeftOrRight() {
    return this == TURN_SLIGHT_RIGHT || this == TURN_SLIGHT_LEFT;


Also on instruction-types.md U-Turn has a value of 9

Value Encoding
0 Left
1 Right
2 Sharp left
3 Sharp right
4 Slight left
5 Slight right
6 Straight
7 Enter roundabout
8 Exit roundabout
9 U-turn
10 Goal
11 Depart
12 Keep left
13 Keep right

I could be wrong since I’m not familiar with this code, but I’d really appreciate your comments on this.

Best regards!!

            case UTURN:
                return: 7;

is correct.

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