Turn by Turn navigation in TCX files

OpenRouteService already offers the possibility to export routes as .tcx. It would super nice to add turn-by-turn navigation information in the .tcx file, similarly to what RideWithGps.com is doing. This is very useful when using file or standalone GPS units, such as bicyle GPS, as it allows the unit to actually perform navigation with Turn-by-turn indications, instead of displaying a simple breadcrumb trail.

It is done by adding the elements <Coursepoint> after </Track>(see example below):

        <Name>Start of r</Name>
        <Notes>Start of route</Notes>
        <Notes>Turn left onto Arkonaplatz</Notes>

Example TCX file with Turn-by-turn cues (from RideWithGPS)
Example TCX file without Turn-by-turn cues (from ORS)

I see that the Turn-by-turn information is already present in the ORS JSON route file.


this pull request might be related https://github.com/GIScience/openrouteservice-app/pull/323

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Yes, that’s it !
But it seems that this PR hasn’t received a lot of attention: it’s open since 6 months, and not yet reviewed/merged.
I would volunteer to review it, but I’m not really an AngularJS developper…


yes, it wasn’t priority at the time :confused:
Right now there need to be some conflicts resolved.
I will have a look at it soon