Trying to understand the difference between cycling profiles

I understand the cycling-mountain (which would prefer off road routes) and cycling-road(which would prefer roads only), but I’m not very clear about cycling-regular, cycling-safe, cycling-tour and cycling-electric.
I want to understand what routes/roads are preferred or what all roads are eliminated for these cycle profile selections.

Ps. Thanks for this awesome service and OSS.

Hi @abhiank,

we are working on refactoring/documenting the bike profiles, but in general the profiles and differences we have are:
normal (cycling-regular) - uses a default set of speeds and road type preferences
electric (cycling-electric) - uphill speed is not affected as much by the incline
road (cycling-road) - anything that is not a road surface (paving stone, asphalt etc.) is seen as a pushing section, but allows secondary and tertiary roads (other bike profiles these are avoided)
mountain (cycling-mountain) - allows going over most surface types and tracks without defining as a pushing section

Hope that helps a little. If you have some coding knowledge, then a look at the bike flag encoders might provide a bit more of an insight.


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Hi Adam,
Thanks for that explanation. That does help a lot. Would be great if you could add this to the documentation.