Trying to setup openrouteservice on a different system through a different port

I am trying to setup ORS on a different server and using a different port than 8080. I have updated the docker-compose.yml to reroute 8080 to 8088. updated the dockerfile. I have updated the apache settings as well. But I am still getting “404 error The requested resource is not available”.

When I run curl localhost:8088, I get the usual tomcat homepage indicating that tomcat is setup correctly. I run curl localhost:8088/test, I get the error.

I am trying to figure out of its a WAR file problem or not. I have rebuild the system, also tried to clone the latest ORS repo and use that.

Would appreciate any help

Can you share your docker-compose file?

Also curl localhost:8088/test should give a 404, /test is not a route for ORS/Tomcat. What’s the output of curl localhost:8088/ors/health?

Oh and don’t update the Dockerfile with another port! That won’t work unless you change Tomcat’s port. Stick with 8080 in Dockerfile and only change the host port in the docker-compose.

The output for curl command now shows “ready” I was trying the same command for two days, did not happen. But now I guess it works.

Thanks for the help.

Also I would like to make this localhost port accessible through a custom URL. Do I need to change anything in ORS files?

Ok, good that it’s solved. Larger OSM files can take up to a few days, planet up to 5.

Just put a nginx/apache in front of ORS.

And for future reference: paste code, not screenshots.

Yep got everything running. Thanks a lot. I am familiar with the time requirements to build graphs for different sized datasets.

Okay I will keep that in mind for next time