Trouble with starting ORS in Java via JAR

Hello, I have been trying for a while now to start using ORS in my own Java project by installing the JAR file. I have encountered many issues that I could not find the answers to. Here is the sequence I have generally been following:

  1. Install JAR File
  2. Install OSM Data
  3. Enable the JAR File within my project (I am using IntelliJ as my complier)
    Here is where my problems begin
  4. In the JAR File I do not see any ors-config.yaml file, all I see is application.yml
    4b) I run the java -jar ors.jar command in my complier’s terminal, it constantly says Unable to access jarfile. I tried to include the filepath of the JAR File in multiple locations, but it does not work.
    4c) Same thing occurs with the ors-config since it does not exist within my JAR File, I have only had it work with this link as my ors-config.yaml file (
  5. What do I even do with the OSM File? I cannot use the ors.engine property since I am not even able to get ORS working properly. What am I doing wrong?
    I apologize if my questions are trivial, I am trying my best to learn this API. Thank you.

Hi @obitoskamui,

does Configuration | openrouteservice backend documentation help?