Train Layer to complete bike travels


When I use this wonderful web map site, I try to combine train and bike for traveling.
So I suggest it will be possible to add a train infrastructure layer as we can find it on Just the train lines to be seen.
What do you think of it ?


Hi @allamezon,

you can actually already add a custom overlay on in the advanced settings of the app.
Just add{z}/{x}/{y}.png as custom overlay provider and you will be able to see the lines on the map.

Best regards

Hi @amandus

and thank you very much but whatever the provider (both url field : tile or overlay), the new layer doesn’t appear.
The url format seems to be more like :{z}/{x}/{y}.ext?cleOptionnelle but I don’t find anything about this url.
Do you have any suggestion ?


.ext means extension (which is png in this case)
optional key value pairs can be added after the ? which is not needed here

after saving the overlay shows for me

Maybe open the developer console of the browser (F12 usually) and check for errors if it is not working for you.

Great ! Thank you !
What a stupid behavior from me. Your suggestion on the console has a good effect. As I recently am using uBlock in hard mode, I just had to allow the railway url and everything is working fine !
Let’s blok block block ! :-DDD
Thank you for your help and just “bravo” as we say in french for the wonderful job of this web application !