Traffic information on Speed data


I was just wondering if historical traffic congestion data is considered for the built-in road speeds when calculating for isochrones?


yes, we consider it (and even have to do it for a funded project), but not sure how generic the importer will end up being (or if the resulting code is even gonna be open sourced). Maybe @HendrikLeuschner can comment a little more.

Hi Nils,

Thank you for your immediate response. I asked this because I need to do some isochrone analysis in some cities in the Philippines. But we need to consider traffic for the analysis. Does ORS tool covers Philippines?

Thanks again!

ORS covers worldwide, ORS Tools covers whatever server you point it to.

For traffic, try mapbox or google. ORS won’t ever have that available for the live servers, only as custom option for people to implement their own.

Currently no support for traffic data. Will be added in a funded project, but with private data and only for Germany.