Too Many Requests

Hi all
I am using Javascript to collecting isochrones of many points. However, there is a error confused me that is “Too many requests”. What does it mean? Having reading the rare-limits, I am also confuesd about the limitation. What does the limitation means, daily or every time?
By the way , I also want to ask how can I get a token with bigger quota, because there are mountains of isochrones of points (really really considerable) I have to collect.
Thank you!

Hi @Fefe111 you may request 500 isochrones per day and 20 requests per minute. Many greetings, Tim

Thank you. However, if I am going to pay for the api-key, can I have more keys in an account and more quota? By the way , what is the price?

Hi Fefe111, we do not offer commercial plans, sorry. How many requests will you be needing in total?

Thank you, Tim

Thanks for your so fast respond. We are a research group from the SYSU university in Guangzhou, China. Recently we are focusing on exploring the potential exposure risk of urban heat wave on anthropogenic activities,therefore we want to use the isochrones products from your side as the measurement of anthropogenic activities to further explore their spatial correlation with the indicator of urban heat wave which are measured by remote sensing data. We have finished the urban heat wave analyses in 8 global mega-region, including pearl river delta, Boston megaregion, Yangtze river delta and so on. However, there will contain more than 40,000,000 points in each region, it is beyond our capability to collect the isochrone information if it is limited to 500 requests per day. Therefore, I will really appreciate if you can do me a favor on this issue or you want to collaborate with us in this topic. Sorry for any inconvenience that we may cause. Thanks again for your message and this awesome website. Best wishes!

Sorry, we (our infrastructure) can’t nearly allow these amounts of requests. Please have a look at HERE Maps as an alternative. Many greetings, Tim

Many thanks Tim, can I ask one more question? if we decrease study area from the mega-region into the city, and there will be around 10,000 point in each city(8 or 5 cities), it is possible to get some support from your side? Thank you.

You can host it yourself locally with Docker:

Or run Tomcat & Maven if you don’t want to use Docker (also easily works on Win):

Then you can request without any limits. China will need less than 1 GB RAM. So you can run it your own laptop.

Thanks for your patience. I will have a try

Hi. I am so sorry to bother you. However, I am confused with a problem when I install the openrouteservice with Docker. You can see the problem in following picture. What does it mean?

Hi Tim. Sorry to bother you. I have a question. Is the road data you use in openrouteservice from openstreetmap?
Thank you!

Yes, it is. Please find more information @ .

Hi guys,

I am working on my master thesis (optimization of logistic chains for the German Armed Forces) and I need to compute about 5000 routes for that project. Timothy you mentioned 500 requests per day and 20 requests per minute. Is it possible to get more request per day or at least per minute?
Thank you guys!

See here: