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I am using Openrouteservice Maps to import a route from a kml file and obtain its time duration. However, the application transforms de kml file to a number of specific points (10 points or less generally). I would like to know if there is a chance to transform it to a higher number of points in an automatic way. At the moment, I am using the toggle option when you import a kml and then manually adapt the route to its real shape. It is a valid solution, but very slow. I am asking if there is any option to change the default specifications and adapt the original route to higher number of points.

I attach a screenshot reproducing the toggle function (in light blue) and the route adaption (in red) with 4 adjusted points. I would like to know if there’s a faster way to match the blue and red routes.

Hi @Rafa_Amador_Guerrero,

this one is a bit tricky. The number of waypoints is generated by simplifying the underlying geometry with a specific tolerance factor.
For longer routes more points will be generated and our api only supports up to a maximum of 50 points.

If you have an api_key you can set up the maps client yourself and adjust the tolerance. It is set in the file ors-import-route.js in line 121-123

I will implement a setting to adjust this.

Best regards

Will be live in a bit

Thanks for the comment. But is it ready to be working on the or you have to adjust the tolerance manually. Thanks

Hi @Rafa_Amador_Guerrero,

Sorry i didn’t have the time to release this yet.
The implementation is already in the development branch of
If you urgently need it you can try to set up the client locally. Instructions are provided in the repository.

I should be able to release next week.

Best regards