Time_window in /optimization endpoint

I have been using the OpenRoute API to plan routes for a delivery service. In the process, I provided time windows for each job to ensure that our deliveries are made within specific time constraints. However, I have noticed that the service is not respecting these time windows when generating the routes.

As an example, in my recent request, I specified the following time windows for three jobs:

  • Job 1: Time window [1695056400, 1695060000]
  • Job 2: Time window [1695045600, 1695049200]
  • Job 3: Time window [1695031200, 1695034800]

I expected the route optimization algorithm to prioritize jobs based on their respective time windows, ensuring that they are picked up and delivered within the specified intervals. However, the resulting route did not reflect this behavior .I was expecting to be Job 3, Job2, Job1, but it’s actually Job2, Job1, Job3.

Instead, it appears that the jobs were assigned without consideration for their time windows, but based on distance.

I’m trying to wrap my head around, to see how I can fix this, but, I can’t.

Would be really helpful.



have a look at the VROOM issues regarding time_window - you might find an answer in there.

It might be a case that there was a bug that isn’t included in our current VROOM version - we’re still running v1.7.0 as opposed to the current v1.13.0.

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