The Port de Marseille is not connected to the general road network


It’s me again computing distances between random points in municipalities. Great debug process I guess, as I throw some maybe odd requests to the API. My problem is that coordinates in the Port de Marseille (for example 43.316545, 5.359676) are not connected to the main road network, so the routing algorithm makes you take a ferry for Corsica to bring you back to mainland France through another ferry to Nice… If you avoid ferries then the routing completely fails.

See for example this route:,5.359788,43.316529,5.36901&b=4a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

How would one go to correct this ?




create an account on and correct the geometries. For reference you can see how other ports handle the connection between ferry and main road network.

If you update in OSM (and it doesn’t get thrown out again by someone else), it’ll be in our graphs 2-3 weeks later.


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