Testing local ORS server request limit

How could I perform a test on my ORS backend to check how many requests it can bear with?
I’ve googled about it and saw tools like JMeter but I’m not sure if its the most appropriate way.

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I used this before for the exact same:

Basically you wanna do load testing, to simulate how many concurrent users with concurrent requests your server can bear. JMeter is just one of the (clunky I think) tools. You’re not restricted to that just because ORS is written in Java. You can use anything that’s producing HTTP requests.

Keep in mind that routing/isochrone/matrix requests are VERY heterogeneous wrt server load, but it’s fair enough to assume an average (rather be conservative here)

I’d try locust.io, though (depending on your python aptness & desired level of augmenting reality) it might take a day or two to get it running.

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